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Northeast Ohio SPCA Inc

9555 Brookpark Road Parma, OH 44129


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We NEED You!

Northeast Ohio SPCA Inc doesn't need you, but our puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, and all our pets NEED YOU.

We live for our pets, so that they can LIVE. To keep them alive, we rely on people like you.

Northeast Ohio SPCA Inc is a no-kill, non-profit private pet agency. The only way that we can continue to live out our life goal - to give every precious pet a chance at a good life - is through your help, donations, adoptions, and love. With the wonderful, supportive people of Parma, Northeast Ohio SPCA Inc would not be where we are today.

Northeast Ohio SPCA Inc has been supporting the pet life of Parma for over 14 years. We hope to continue another 14 pet-life-giving years. Will you work with us? Call (216) 367-9652, to find out how.


Our Mission:

"Through adoption, education, spay and neuter, we save lives to make euthanasia of healthy animals unnecessary"


Check out all the divisions of our organization -

  • Clinic - Full-service veterinary pet clinic that helps to support our pet care facility, and adoption efforts
  • Adoption agency - Our trained staff will walk you through the entire process
  • Volunteer agency - We need help in all the areas of our center; we also welcome internships.
  • Donation center - contact us to find out how you can donate, or help us raise money, and awareness for our facility
  • Event center - we offer, and celebrate, many different events per year, including the Tour Of Life Event; ask us about all the different opportunities to help.

Business Hours

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Cats, Kittens, Dogs, Puppies
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